October 3rd, 2017 at 3:23pm

4 Myths about Digital Marketing

1. “I can do my own social media”

Gone are the days when your admin or receptionist could update your business facebook page a few times a week. Now more and more people search for the service or products they need on fb, almost as much as google. Whether its a painter, a dentist, a pet sitter, or a great restaurant, or anything else people will crowd sourcing to find the best option possible. Your businesses online presence with relevant, strategic posts and content keeps your brand fresh in your audiences mind and keeps you at the top of the consumer chain. With a well thought out social campaign your posts will engage your visitors and invite them to take the next steps down your marketing funnel.

2. “Its easy to rank high on google”

Nothing could be more wrong. Years ago perhaps it was easy to figure out google’s logic and change your website, key words, locations and content to continue to rank high. However; over the years google has made it increasingly difficult to figure out their algorithms updates and how to continue ranking. Increasingly we are seeing that PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are will give you the most bang for your buck.

3. “Our website is old but it works”

If your website is not generating revenue for your business it’s just an expensive business card. At the very least your website should be mobile friendly. Meaning it adapts to fit whatever devise it is opened on. Did you know that more people are searching for what they want on their phone instead of their computers? If your website is difficult to read on a phone people will scroll to the next site. Also, worth noting, since 2015 google punishes sites that aren’t mobile friendly

4. “We don’t need it. Our business does just fine without digital marketing”

You don’t know what you dont know….Sounds cliche’ but how do you know all the business your missing online if you never tried? Putting together a successful campaign that pulls together social media and search engine optimization strategies will give you a new channel of leads. If the campaign is launched successfully you should start seeing an increase in traffic to your site and an increase in leads after a few months. Once traffic grows converting those visitor to leads and then to cash is how you grow your business exponentially. Then you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Every business is a good candidate for digital marketing. Whether your campaign is small or very robust your company will benefit from your efforts. Find a good local marketing company that will consult with you and provide you with a detailed approach that will outline your success on how to convert traffic into cash and keep you ahead of your competitors!

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