4 Myths about Digital Marketing

1. “I can do my own social media” Gone are the days when your admin or receptionist could update your business facebook page a few times a week. Now more and more people search for the service or products they need on fb, almost as much as google. Whether its a painter, a dentist, a […]

4 Key Tips For Great Graphic Design

One of the most important tools for any business, big or small, is great graphic design. A well designed logo, website and/or high-impact promotional materials will increase your brand awareness, customer engagement and boost sales. In order for your designs to really stick out there are a few key components to consider Color Palatte Ever notice that the best […]

Creating a User-Friendly Website – Part II

Continuing our blog post from November…. 3. Readability A user-friendly website is also readable. First, ensure that the homepage of your website is concise, without an overwhelming amount of information. This includes both type and interactive elements, such as photos and videos. You should also use fonts and colors that work well and create a […]

Creating a User-Friendly Website – Part I

In many cases, your brand’s website is your customer’s first impression. Because of this, the usability of your website can make or break that customer’s experience. If your website is difficult to navigate, takes too long to load, or is hard to understand, you can almost ensure that potential customers will simply leave and seek […]

What Makes a Great Logo?

Your logo is arguably the most important aspect of branding for your company. As the main representation of your business, your logo is what enables brand recognition and makes your company memorable in the eyes of the consumer. But what makes a great logo? Great logos are comprised of many elements, ranging from excellent design […]

How Print Design Complements Online Marketing

While many have declared print advertising dead, print advertising is actually still very widely used. By pairing your company’s online marketing strategy and web design with print design, you can expand your reach and provide your customers with a tangible advertisement that increases engagement. At Potomac Marketing Group, we believe in the continued importance of […]

How Great Graphic Design Can Boost Sales

One of the most important tools for any business is great graphic design. A well designed website or high-impact promotional materials can increase customer engagement and boost sales by making your company stand out. But what does great graphic design look like? There are several graphic design components that every company should focus on. Clear […]

Business Slogans That Work

We all know at least a few business slogans. Some companies simply have tag lines that stick in your brain, and the associations are impossible to break. Whether it is KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” or Google’s “Don’t Be Evil,” a great slogan can really help to boost sales and brand recognition. It can be hard […]

Building An Effective Brand

Google. Apple. Facebook. Though vastly different in the services they provide, these incredibly successful organizations all share one thing in common: they’ve effectively built and defined their brand. Simply thinking of these companies elicits a mental image of their offerings and the services they provide. So what does this have to do with you and […]