July 18th, 2013 at 9:28am

Business Slogans That Work

We all know at least a few business slogans. Some companies simply have tag lines that stick in your brain, and the associations are impossible to break. Whether it is KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” or Google’s “Don’t Be Evil,” a great slogan can really help to boost sales and brand recognition. It can be hard to know when you have a successful slogan on your hands, but there are a few characteristics that can increase the odds that customers will remember your catchphrase.

Focus On The Customer

One of the most important characteristics of a great business slogan is that it should put the customer first. Your slogan should tell your customer something about the product and the relationship between the customer and the product. Avoid jargon or overly professional phrases that sound lifted from a business plan. There is something inherently fun about slogans and companies need to embrace that if they want to be successful.

Use Your Name

When drawing up the perfect business slogan, one feature you should aim to include is your company’s name. Including the company name helps to build brand identification and prevents customers from confusing your slogan with a competing brand. In many cases, including the brand name is as simple as placing it in front of a colon and then leading into your slogan, such as “KFC: It’s Finger Lickin’ Good.” While there are many successful slogans that don’t include the name of the associated business, that strategy typically only works when there is already a high level of brand recognition.

Keep It Short

Another feature of great slogans is that they are typically brief. A short slogan is of course easier to remember than a long one, and many of the biggest brands have embraced this. For example, IMAX’s slogan, “Think Big,” is countered by Volkswagen’s slogan, “Think Small.” Both suggest something about the product involved while keeping the message simple. Such short phrases can have a big impact and can become a memorable part of your brand.

Brands That Work: Nike

One example of a highly successful slogan is Nike’s “Just Do It.” This slogan captures something about the attitude of Nike’s customers: as athletes and competitors, these are individuals who are always pushing the limits of excellent. “Just Do It” also has the necessary brevity of a good slogan, which helps to make it memorable. Even though this slogan doesn’t immediately include the Nike name in it, powerful ad campaigns featuring this slogan have helped to build the Nike brand and make “Just Do It” instantly recognizable. “Just Do It” captures the essence of a great slogan.

Crafting the perfect business slogan can be a hit and miss process. Sometimes you only know you’ve struck upon your perfect brand after some trial and error. Still, by focusing on simple, memorable slogans with a focus on the customer, your company will be well on its way to finding the perfect brand.

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