November 13th, 2013 at 3:14pm

Creating a User-Friendly Website – Part I

In many cases, your brand’s website is your customer’s first impression. Because of this, the usability of your website can make or break that customer’s experience. If your website is difficult to navigate, takes too long to load, or is hard to understand, you can almost ensure that potential customers will simply leave and seek out another option for the products or services they need. This means that your brand needs to focus on creating a website that is user-friendly. With the following five tips, you can increase the user-friendliness of your website and ensure that your customers get a great first impression.

1. Simplified Navigation

When it comes to user-friendliness, the first and most important rule is simplicity. One area in which websites need to be simplified is navigation. The navigation of your website should be easy for the user to understand, allowing him or her to quickly find your products or services as well as other key information. Use a simple navigation toolbar and common titles such as “products” and “blog” to ensure that users know exactly what they are going to find. Your website should also have an optimized, easy to find search tool.

2. Fast Load Time

As consumers are able to reach information at faster and faster speeds due to mobile devices and better data connections, it becomes more and more imperative for you to have a website that loads quickly. When users want something, they want it right away, and if they have to wait for it, it is more likely that they will give up and move on to the next website. This means that your website must load at lightning speed.

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