August 1st, 2013 at 8:05am

How Great Graphic Design Can Boost Sales

One of the most important tools for any business is great graphic design. A well designed website or high-impact promotional materials can increase customer engagement and boost sales by making your company stand out. But what does great graphic design look like? There are several graphic design components that every company should focus on.

Clear Fonts

One characteristic of a fantastic graphic design is clarity. Clear fonts that are easy to read and that complement the overall aesthetic of your company are an absolute must. For titles, sans serif fonts are an emphatic visual, but for body text, promotional materials should stick with serif fonts. Fonts that feature serifs are easier to read because they guide the eye along the line of the text. Choosing two complementary fonts can make your materials easy to read and appealing to look at.

Visual Focal Points

Another important feature of good graphic design is the creation of a visual focal point. When customers come to your website or look at one of your fliers, where do their eyes immediately go? Do they just begin scanning text? A great image that draws the eye is central to powerful graphic design. A focal point doesn’t need to be complex. Even a catchy headline in a clear font can serve as the main visual point of your website or promotional materials.

Leave White Space

When designing your company’s visual impact, you’ll find that what you leave off of your website is just as important as what you put on. White space is an important aspect of great graphic design. Leaving enough white space can help keep your website from looking cluttered and overwhelming. Leaving space can also help to emphasize the content that is there. White space makes a website easier to read and can help lend a clean, professional effect to your graphic design.

Graphic Design And Your Customers

Focusing on great graphic design is important because of the proven effects of good design on customer behavior. A well designed website has been proven to increase sales and help to build brand loyalty. Your visual focal point, for example, should be something that you want customers to consistently associate with your company, whether it’s a logo or a slogan. Great graphic design can also help to set your company apart from its competitors by making your brand memorable.

One other advantage of great graphic design is that it should be replicable in different permutations. With slight changes, it should be able to market different products or components of your business. This consistency can help decrease the time your company needs to spend marketing a new product, because the design should be immediately associated with your brand.

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