August 23rd, 2013 at 1:35pm

How Print Design Complements Online Marketing

While many have declared print advertising dead, print advertising is actually still very widely used. By pairing your company’s online marketing strategy and web design with print design, you can expand your reach and provide your customers with a tangible advertisement that increases engagement. At Potomac Marketing Group, we believe in the continued importance of print design, and we offer print design services that will complement your online marketing campaign. Learn more about why print advertising is still relevant in the digital age.

It’s Tangible

With so much of advertising coming and going in an instant on TV, the web, and our mobile devices, the tangibility of a print ad is more important than ever. A printed advertisement, such as in a magazine, newspaper, or on a flyer, can be saved into the future. Online ads, on the other hand, will disappear as soon as the user clicks to a new page. Not only does tangibility allow potential customers to interact with your advertisement for longer, but it also lends credibility to your business. Because the web is so impersonal, a print ad can often seem more real to the consumer and provide them with a sense of trust in your business.

It Leads to Better Engagement

Print advertising is proven to lead to better customer engagement. In fact, magazine ads in particular score the highest when it comes to the five step process from customers initially making contact with the brand to them making a purchase. Print advertising overall has been shown to lead to better engagement and more purchases in comparison to advertising on TV and the Internet. Using print advertising is a great way to maximize your ROI, especially for small businesses who have less capital to invest in an advertising campaign. Print advertisements can be more cost-effective for such companies.

It Reaches Your Target Audience

Along with improving customer engagement, print advertising enables you to better reach your target audience. First, you can reach consumers who do not frequent the web as often through print advertising. The print advertisement can catalyze them to move to the web or to your business in person to seek out products and services. In addition, print advertising is versatile because it gives you the ability to design multiple ads for various publications that your target audience will read. If your products or services are specifically intended for a niche audience, print design is especially beneficial.

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