October 28th, 2013 at 4:48pm

What Makes a Great Logo?

Your logo is arguably the most important aspect of branding for your company. As the main representation of your business, your logo is what enables brand recognition and makes your company memorable in the eyes of the consumer. But what makes a great logo? Great logos are comprised of many elements, ranging from excellent design and uniqueness to simplicity and versatility. With the following tips, you will be well on your way to developing a great logo for your brand.

Professional Design

The best way to ensure that your brand has a great logo is to enlist the help of a professional designer. As the face of your brand, your logo is not a place to skimp on costs or attempt a DIY project. Instead, your logo should be professionally designed with the fundamentals of good design and aesthetic appeal in place, including color, form, space, clarity, and consistency. Before choosing a professional designer, ask to see his or her portfolio. Then, do a little research of your own – have the logos that this designer created been successful with consumers?

Simple Yet Memorable

Two of the key characteristics of a great logo are simplicity and memorability. First, your logo should be simple in design, making it both versatile in use and easy to remember. Try to stick to just two colors for your logo, and do not go overboard with elaborate features. In addition to being simple, your logo should be memorable. The best way to ensure that your logo is memorable is to keep it simple and relevant to your business.

origin_3094329703Representative & Unique

Speaking of relevance to your business, a great logo is also representative of your company. While keeping simplicity in mind, find one main element to include that truly represents your business, whether it is a symbol, specific font, or color choice. While your logo does not need to directly show what your products or services are, it should still be appropriate for your industry. Along with being representative, your logo should be unique. Ensure that your logo is both representative of your industry and stands out from the competition in design.

Scalable & Versatile

Another key component of a great logo is scalability and versatility. Your logo will be used on all branding materials, which means you need to be able to reduce or expand it in size, put it in black and white, and otherwise modify at times. Ensure that your logo is still aesthetically pleasing without color and can be reduced to as small as one inch in size.


Last but not least, the best logos are timeless. When designing your logo, consider its relevance in 10 years, 25 years, and 50 years. Does your logo follow current trends, or will it still be relevant in the future? As you have probably noticed, most major brands do not make major logo changes, and if they do, they do not make them often. Your logo should aim for a similar level of timelessness.


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